RUS Miami

RUS tunning en Miami.

Welcome to RUS.

Residuos Sólidos Urbanos or Urban Solid Waste project.

This is an international project based on trash exchange. Basurama is exploring local waste in various places of the american continent to use it as a material for creation and cultural exchange.

RUS Miami: Car Perversion

We are in Miami, a sprawl city based on the use of private vehicle for almost any city displacement. Thomas Jefferson, former founder father of the United States, worked hard to stablish a urban model of planing on the new country.

While a public survey system used a cartesian grid method to measure and divide every land of the country, an anti urban model was being inagurated. Jefferson thought on the corrupted europe cities and dreamt with a farm society without the problems of urban massification. But he did not think about the petrol prize.

Nowadays, most of the american cities as Miami suffer a lack of active public space. If we do not consider highways or parkings as public space .

Our aim is working with the rejected things of society and in Miami, car junk will be the main material for working.